The year was 2003 when our first fish soup stall was opened for business at The Arcade.

In the beginning, we did not even have a name for the fish soup stall as we were not sure whether we could sustain the business. It was the first time we started selling fish soup without any prior experience! There was not even an official recipe as we experimented based on trial and error. 

Through hard work and perseverance, we managed to capture a bunch of loyal customers and hence Arcade Fish Soup was born!

Over the years we strive to use only the freshest ingredients to ensure all our customers are satisfied after each meal. 

At Arcade Fish Soup, we hope everyone can enjoy a bowl of healthy fish soup packed with umami amidst a busy day of work.

This is our mission and we hope our fish soup is something to look forward to everyday!

                                                                  Eric a.k.a 老三

                                                                   Wei Sheng a.k.a 老四