Our Story

The year was 2005 when our first 一家村 outlet was opened for business at Clifford Centre.

The name 一家村 pays homage to the upbringing of our founder/mother (Mdm Goh), where she grew up in Mandai village with extended family and relatives. Although life was poor and tough at the village, it was a very happy and united place for all who lived there.

Why we started selling soup is because we believe a bowl of healthy good soup is an integral part of our Chinese diet.

Many customers are curious as to why we use such a big bowl for soup. This is because we feel a normal rice bowl is too small and not satisfying enough!

At 一家村, we hope everyone can enjoy a bowl of nutritious and family-taste soup amidst a busy day of work.

This is our mission and we hope our soup can bring a warmth feeling to your heart!

                                                                   Eric a.k.a 老三

                                                                    Wei Sheng a.k.a 老四